The print file, formatted according to BookenPOD templates, should be at least 48 pages.

The spine calculation cannot be made before the layout of the book is complete. The type of paper used for printing also affects the measurement. You can find a document related to calculations on our template page.

BookenPOD produces its books according to its own standards. As of today, these include: Size: 13 x 19.5 cm, Interior paper: 60 gr. Enso, Cover: 240 gr. American Bristol, Interior print: Single color, Cover print: 4 colors.

At BookenPOD, the maximum number of pages for a book is 800 to avoid issues with the binding.

You can find detailed explanations in the design templates that can be downloaded from the system.

The technical cover information of your book will be created according to a fixed template determined by BookenPOD. You can either arrange for the cover image externally yourself or request it from us for an additional fee.

You must prepare the book’s cover, print interior file, and its layout according to the templates shared by BookenPOD. Layouts not conforming to these templates will be rejected. These tasks require technical knowledge. If you do not have this knowledge, you can purchase this service from us for an additional fee.

The choice of your book’s content and genre is entirely up to you, as long as it doesn’t pose any legal or ethical issues. All works submitted in a print-ready format that meet these criteria will be published as books by BookenPOD. The format of the book should be created according to the fixed standard set by BookenPOD.

You can download the necessary templates for printing your book from the section where you download the contracts, or you can use the link